Address Validation in PowerApps using Azure Maps Service(Part 1)

Microsoft cloud computing platform “Azure” has become one of the core offerings of Microsoft. In this blog post, I am going to elaborate how to perform address validation using Azure Maps. Azure Maps has many offerings like Search, Maps, Geocoding, Traffic, Routing & Time Zones. We are going to use the Azure Maps Search to validate an address entered within an PowerApp.

The initial step is to create the Azure Map service from Azure portal. Login into Azure Portal I.e., either using trail account or an azure account. Search for “Azure Maps Accounts”


Select the valid Subscription & Resource Group. By default, the “S0” pricing tier is selected. For more details please refer to the azure pricing details Azure-Maps Pricing. Click “Create” to create the mapping services. It may take few minutes for the Azure services to be hosted.


Once the Azure Maps service is successfully provisioned, lets perform a quick check of the address search using the Location API’s. We need the subscription key to perform this search. Click on the Keys and copy the Primary Key


We are going to use Fuzzy Search as part of this example so as defined in the Microsoft Docs Site ( construct the URL as{subscriptionkey}&countrySet=AUS&typeahead=TRUE&query=4 Freshwater Pl,southbank

Param Description Value
api-version Version of the location services 1.0
subscription-key The primary key of the service from azure <<key>>
countrySet Filter to target specific country. AUS
typeahead If the typeahead flag is set, the query will be interpreted as a partial input and the search will enter predictive mode TRUE
Query A comma separated string of address or latitude followed by longitude

For more details please refer Get Search Fuzzy link.

If successful, it should return list of probable address matches in JSON format as


We have the Azure Maps Search API ready to validate/search addresses. As part of the Part 2 blog post we are going to leverage this service with in an PowerApp to perform a quick address validation.